Benefits of playing yo-yo

There are many benefits of play for children as well as adults, although the category of play is different according to age level. As we are talking about benefits of playing yo-yo, it is one of those toys which is favorite among all age groups. It remains a popular pastime of many generations and cultures.

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth.
A yo-yo is a perfect toy for learning skills that involve coordination, balance, eye-hand coordination, and dexterity.
Benefits of yo-yo play:                                                                   

  1. Development of fine motor skills
  2. Improved hand-eye coordination
  3. Enhance physics learning as they learn about gravity, inertia, rotational energy & centrifugal force
  4. Develops acute spatial awareness
  5. Relieves mental stress
  6. Yo-yos are perfect for taking along on a trip.
  7. It is a cheap toy as compare to other toys for kids or youth

Yo-yo playing is also beneficial for children having learning disabilities, such as ADHD. Children or teens gain self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn to do tricks with their yo-yos. 

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