Benefits of hobbies and leisure activities for senior citizens

Hobbies and leisure activities are beneficial for all age humans as it helps us engage in the chores which are fun to do. Needless to say that having fun and enjoying what we do for pleasure can help you delay aging and help fight age related illness.

From a report from 'Aging Home Health Care' it is suggested that senior citizens should engage themselves in hobbies like crafts, painting, cake decorating, playing cards, swimming, walking, gardening,

The report says:

'Participating in regular physical activity can help prevent or maintain control in some chronic illnesses such as: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some types of cancer. Regular physical activity can also improve our overall quality of life by delaying disability and affecting how long we live.

Hobbies promote socialization, physical activity as well as using our minds. Using all of our muscles, including our brain is important to avoiding dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also important to be aware of your emotions, your thoughts and your behaviors. Participating in hobbies helps us feel good about ourselves and have healthy relationships.'

Either you are going to engage you in some leisure activities or keep yourself busy with some kind of hobbies, and active lifestyle can keep your mind and body healthy for long time.

What benefits you can get from an active lifestyle?

It can help you to —–

– ability to focus,
– improve memory,
– reduce stress,
– enhance the immune system and
– improve self esteem.
Other benefits may be improved flexibility, balance, and better sleep.

Link to the article: 'Activities for Senior Citizens'

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