Benefits of Gardening As a Healthy Hobby for All Age People

Gardening is one of those pastimes which brings happiness and health for all age people. There are a lot of benefits of gardening which show the importance of this hobby. The physical benefits of fresh air and exercise are perhaps the most obvious, but emotional and psychological benefits cannot be ignored.

“Ever wonder why God placed Adam and Eve in a garden?” Upson said. “The reason is that gardening is good for you!”.

Steve Upson, horticulturist for the Ardmore-based Noble Foundation says, ‘The older I get, the more aware I become of the importance of physical activity in maintaining my health,” Upson said. “Numerous studies show that regular physical activity reduces the risk of premature death, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, and certain types of cancer.”

Gardening contributes to physical health, since activities such as digging, planting, weeding, and harvesting are all part of three types of physical activity: endurance, flexibility, and strength.

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