Artistic cars around the world

Art means diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities. Common view of art refers to painting, film, photography, sculpture, and other visual media. Music, theatre, dance, literature, and interactive media are popular forms of art.
What about artistic cars or vehicles with artistic approach? This article is about cars with different designs and color combinations which will amuse you.

Why people art cars? Simple answer is that art plays an integral part in our lives and thus public can see this art form on the road every day.

Let's have fun watching few artistic cars:

Now search more at sites or links related to art on cars.
'Art Car' is hosted by Costas Schuler aka 'The Pen Guy' creator of the Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens. Art Car Central is a blog about art cars, art bicycles, art motorcycles, mutant vehicles, videos and any other artistically altered vehicles.

 'Art Car Fest' is a festival for Art Cars, which are registered and insured vehicles that an artist has permanently altered in an artistic fashion.  The purpose of this art festival is to bring art into the world everyday as these cars are driven to work, and on the highways.
'Art Car Fest' is the only festival in the world of its kind.

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* 'Air' is Australia's professional airbrush production shop. They also air brush the vehicles.

BMW Art Cars

* Driven by Design A professional designers site.

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