Amazing newspaper sculpture artists and their work

Newspaper is very common thing around us. Use of newspaper is for reading purposes and may be it can be recycled again to create paper. But can it be used to create art? This article is about 2 newspaper sculpture artists. Their awesome work is also shown and if you want to read or see more pictures, their site links are also included.

There are many paper or newspaper sculpture artists like su blackwell whos work is framed in books containing fairy tales, poetry, and even how-tos.
 Here are few selected pictures:

To see more pictures: 25 incredible paper sculptures by su blackwell

Another artist is from America 'Nick Georgiou' known for his use of the printed word as an artistic medium, but not in the way you think. He creates creatures and art pieces out of discarded newspapers and books, and has a penchant for depositing them in random locations throughout New York City. He creates anything from delightfully odd critters to eerily depictive portraits.

Nick Georgiou  uses old newspapers, collected by him or donated by others, tears them into folds and stitches them into various creatures. His works have been exhibited in various shows and galleries, bot in the US and abroad.

Few pictures from Nick Georgiou:

NICK GEORGIOU's profile at blogger

More links:

*  Paper folwers- Anyone can do that

Creative photos by Chema Madoz* Sculptures and art installations made out of newspapers

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