Adopt Frugal hobbies to save money

There is a long list of hobbies, leisure activities which people love to adopt but many hobbies are expensive as you need to spend some money for those activities. But if you want to save money but need to be involved in some kind of hobbies without spending any money (or at least with minimum amount of money)then 'frugal hobbies' can help in this regard.

What are the frugal hobbies?

A few frugal hobbies might be:

Photography (now everyone has digital camera or at least a cell phone with digital camera, so it is an inexpensive hobby)

To my point of view these all activities come into category of recreational or creative hobbies and at the same time these hobbies help you save money. The list can be long enough because it depends upon you which kind of recreational activities or hobbies you can find around you.

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