A directory to find out art and craft sites -'The Craft Directory'

Being a subject teacher for art and crafts in early years, I usually search the net for useful links and ideas for my lesson plan. I enjoy teaching crafts projects to young children and my learning journey continues as I learn new and exciting ideas from the internet. There are many educational sites which offer useful links, resources and ideas relating to drawing, art and crafts. But I prefer to start searching at specific places becasue it saves your time.

The Craft Directory is a place to search for art and crafts related sites. You can definately save your time by starting search from this directory as I found a long list of topics and there is a list of sites under each catagory. You need to click the link and a drop down list of sites would come with a short description of that site. I just checked if results are good or not and clicked for 'Calligraphy' link. As I had a saved file at my hard drive about calligraphy sites, I knew many of the sites in advance and I was happy to find more sites with useful information about the topic.

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